Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you are planted” is a saying that was used to describe my grandmother. I had never heard of it until my cousin introduced it to me when we were unfortunately, preparing for my Grandma’s funeral. It has stuck with me since then. “Bloom where you’re planted” described her way of living perfectly. She always made due with what she had and made the best of the situations she was in.  Growing up through the Great Depression, life was not easy for my Grandma. They used outhouses and washed clothes with a laundry board. She sewed all her kids’ clothes and had a huge garden. Money was scarce so they grew their own food, obtained milk from cows, and patched clothes. For entertainment, they got together with neighbours. There was no money for putting kids in sports or activities. The kids helped out a lot on the farm.  This was the norm in those days. 

My Grandma took care of my Grandpa to her greatest ability before she couldn’t manage and he had to go to long term care. She was very stubborn and I’m sure I didn’t see her true feelings on this decision, but she did her best. Her loyalty to my Grandpa, even when he wasn’t always the best husband was second to none.

I admired her ability to adapt to change. She always recognized what was best for herself and her family. As she got older, she moved to a condo before living in her own home became unmanageable. She willingly moved to long term care when her health deteriorated. This transition was made much easier on her kids because of her willingness to go. I don’t know if this was luck or her smarts or both.

She was the strongest woman I knew. The messages we can learn from these women are profound. Be grateful and make due with what you have. Work hard and stay humble. Live simply. Do your best to keep your relationships and your family close. Bloom where you’re planted.

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