Not a Creature was Stirring…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except Mother of course.

The stockings were hung and brimming with gifts.

The house had been decorated for weeks, no less.

After weeks of preparing, the day had finally arrived. 

Mom slumped on the couch feeling like she had barely survived.

All of her work was about to be put to the test.

This holiday season left little time to rest. 

The time has come where all of her planning, shopping, and purchasing came to fruition.

Picking the perfect gifts, fulfilling wishes, and upholding tradition.

She’s been working to provide her kids Christmas excitement- holiday parties, parades, lights, music, and dancing.

Festivals, Santa visits, concerts, wrapping and crafting.

Sometimes she’s lost sleep over the pressure of the season’s fame.

Keeping obligations, holding boundaries, playing comparison games.

She looks past all this and teaches her kids the values of the season.

The birth of Jesus, gratefulness, the spirit of giving are just a few of the reasons.

The best parts of the season don’t come from a store.

The extra visits with friends and family make it so much more.

The kids’ contagious excitement and wonder over the smallest things.

The kindness in the air that only this holiday brings.

Sometimes this season gets overwhelming.

It’s time to get rid of all the stress, pressure and hustling.

In the end, the kids don’t remember their gifts and treats.

They have the love and happy memories that only their families can meet.

Even If the day doesn’t turn out how she’s imagined,

Mama remembers the many moments that have gone as planned.

Nothing compares to watching kids’ wonder and excitement unfold.

No matter what she did or didn’t do, the magic always withholds.

It’s always a special season and she’s done her best.

Merry Christmas, Mama. Now enjoy the precious moments and rest.

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