Beautifully Broken

Motherhood breaks you open. It exposes your heart and soul, your values, your past, and your strengths and weaknesses, thankfully, to no one else but yourself. In my experience, it happens gradually when you first have a newborn and as your child gets older, you start seeing parts of yourself that you’ve never seen before.Continue reading “Beautifully Broken”

The Torture Balance

In pharmacy school, we used torsion balances and for a good reason, we called them ‘torture balances’. I don’t know how many people will know what a torsion balance is, but it is a scale where the product you are weighing goes on one side and on the other side, you put the actual weights.Continue reading “The Torture Balance”

How Do You Fill Up Your Cup?

The amount of self care we do changes with the seasons, the amount of time we have, and what’s going on in our lives. It is individual to each of us. What fills me up, doesn’t work for my husband. Self care can range from reading a good book, having a clean house, journaling, setting boundaries with family and friends in your life, going to a job you enjoy, taking a hot shower, getting a pedicure, having a deep conversation with a friend, de-cluttering your house, saying no to an invitation, and accomplishing a goal or a project.